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Quayside space, just a desk or also a shower?

Your company on the campus?

From the Campus, we don’t yet offer workplaces in the port, but we do have good contacts with real estate organisations operating in the port. Not all the available facilities will be offered directly on Funda, so let us know if you are looking for business premises. Using the form below, you can indicate the approximate number of m2 you are looking for and what facilities you need: quayside space, workplace, desks or perhaps a shower. Let us know and we’ll start looking. 


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The Hague is the ultimate ImpactCity

Here successful business goes together with creating a sustainable future. Campus@Sea is a partner of ImpactCity, the start-up and scale-up community of the Municipality of The Hague. The various services offered by ImpactCity are also available to the network of Campus@Sea.