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Do you develop new prototypes for the sustainable, multi use of the North Sea?

Startup In Residence Intergov

Through the Startup In Residence Intergov programme, the rather complex European tender process becomes easier and more accessible for start-ups. Startup in Residence InterGov is a partnership between various government organisations which work with start-ups to increase their impact on social issues. 

Startup In Residence Intergov currently consists of: Ministry of the Interior and Kingdom Relations, Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate, Ministry of Agriculture, Nature and Food Quality, Ministry of Social Affairs and Employment, Province of South Holland and the Municipality of The Hague. 

This programme offers start-ups access to their first customers in the public sector, a development budget, office space, training programmes and an expert network.

The Hague is the ultimate ImpactCity

Here successful business goes together with creating a sustainable future. Campus@Sea is a partner of ImpactCity, the start-up and scale-up community of the Municipality of The Hague. The various services offered by ImpactCity are also available to the network of Campus@Sea.