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Business Support

Innovating in the Port of Scheveningen

Get the best start with our tools

Our partner ImpactCity has developed an innovation toolkit. A critical view, improving the way of working and a focus on human values and needs are key to this approach. 

The toolkit consists of various tools for four areas of attention:

  1. Establish the value proposition: What are you going to do? What’s your idea? How does your product/service relate to that of other businesses? 
  2. Designs for people: How will you validate your idea, how will you develop your products and how will you maintain your focus on your (potential) customer? 
  3. Teamwork: How do you work best in a team? 
  4. Customer relations, marketing & sales: How do you communicate and put your ideas into the market?

The Hague is the ultimate ImpactCity

Here successful business goes together with creating a sustainable future. Campus@Sea is a partner of ImpactCity, the start-up and scale-up community of the Municipality of The Hague. The various services offered by ImpactCity are also available to the network of Campus@Sea.