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Test with unmanned vessel

New method for finding drowning victims

Den Haag, 1 June 2022

Scheveningen is a popular bathing resort. Unfortunately, several tourists drown here every year, and it is often difficult to find the victims. Aquatic Drones is working together with TNO, Svasek and Field Lab in the North Sea on a project to develop better methods of finding victims of drowning under water.

In the Field Lab in the North Sea, Aquatic Drones and TNO are doing test voyages with the Phoenix 5, an autonomous, unmanned ship. The aim of these tests is to develop the technology which can be used by the Coastguard as well as the KNRM to improve safety at sea. The first tests were conducted at the end of May and beginning of June. A second set of tests will take place in October. During these tests, data is collected which is necessary for the further development of the Phoenix 5.

Campus@Sea brings together parties that are innovating on the North Sea and on the coast. Campus@Sea is an initiative of the province of South Holland, the Municipality of The Hague and a rapidly growing network of public and private partners. The innovations of the campus are applied at sea, in the port and along the coast, and are tested in the ‘Field Lab in the North Sea’.