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REACT EU subsidy for floating solar park just off the coast of The Hague

The Hague, 1 July 2021

A big European subsidy will soon help speed up the development and upscaling of a floating solar farm off the coast of The Hague. In the long term, this solar farm can be upscaled to a capacity of 1,000 megawatts. This is equivalent to supplying all the energy needs of 300,000 households. Initiator is Oceans of Energy, specialised in innovative offshore floating solar systems. The solar farm is unique in the world and can potentially make a considerable contribution to achieving sustainable energy ambitions worldwide, without increasing pressure on land. The Municipality of The Hague looks forward to welcoming the project to Campus@Sea, part of ImpactCity, and thus strengthen this and other innovations on and around the sea. 

The Hague looks forward to the arrival of the farm. It perfectly reflects the municipality’s pioneering policy to support a sustainable economy and new energy. In this policy, the city is increasingly shifting its focus towards innovation on and around the sea. “We are delighted that we can use the available European funds in this way, because the solar farm perfectly responds to the challenge we are facing,” says Saskia Bruines, deputy mayor for Economy in the Municipality of The Hague.

“There is an increasing need for clean energy, but there are problems with the use of land space all over the world. The floating solar park of Oceans of Energy promises to respond to this challenge,” she says.  

Allard van Hoeken, CEO of Oceans of Energy, agrees: “Our park is unique in the world. The overwhelming interest in our project is evidence of that. If we manage to use the sea much more efficiently, we can banish the resistance that we encounter with power generation on land. That makes this project a very strong business case.”

Photo: Front left to front right: Deputy Mayor Saskia Bruines (Municipality of The Hague), Allard van Hoeken (CEO Oceans of Energy), Bhartie Sewsahai (Oceans of Energy), Maarten van Poppelen (Oceans of Energy)

Back left to back right: Frank Puchala (Kansen voor West, Municipality of The Hague), Ruud van Raak (Management Autoriteit Kansen voor West), Jeroen Elzenaar (Management Autoriteit Kansen voor West), Johnny Meit (Oceans of Energy).

Accelerating partnership

The solar park will find a home in one of the test sites at sea managed by North Sea Farmers as part of the Campus@Sea in The Hague, that focuses on innovation on and around the sea. “We see great potential in Campus@Sea,” says Allard van Hoeken. “Our offshore solar farm is based in one of the unique local test sites. In a test area covering a quarter of a kilometre, we have a unique opportunity to further hone our technology. Meanwhile, we are looking for an operational base nearby. The partnership can really help accelerate the next phase of expansion.” 

“This is an iconic project,” emphasises Frank Puchala, who facilitated the subsidy application from Kansen voor West. “Multi use of the North Sea is a current theme and floating solar parks perfectly reflect the ambitions set in the European Green Deal. So, this project appeals to the imagination. Furthermore, it is an opportunity for Scheveningen,” he adds. “We hope that this subsidy will help accelerate sustainability and attract other innovative businesses who want to join in.”

Great expectations

Allard van Hoeken, CEO of Oceans of Energy: “With our offshore solar demonstrator, we want to show that The Hague and the wider region could provide for most of its energy needs with sun from the sea. We believe that it’s possible to provide The Hague and the surroundings with 100% energy from the sea.”

Saskia Bruines: “Oceans of Energy is experimenting off our coast with a possibly ground-breaking solution for one of the great challenges of our time. As such, the project seamlessly fits in with The Hague’s ambition to be energy neutral in 2030 and in the Hague ImpactCity. We are therefore very excited about the developments.”


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