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Connecting the dots and making waves

At Campus@Sea, we feel that it’s very important to develop a community of likeminded people. We regard the campus in the port as a meeting place for that purpose. Here we want to offer a substantive and inspiring programme to connect the right people to each other. Connecting the dots and making waves, that’s what we stand for!

Third city of the Netherlands,

The Hague is the third city of the Netherlands, with a large and varied potential workforce, talent and educational programme, and a strong (inter)national reputation.

Work, learn, innovate

The Hague is located by the sea and the port of Scheveningen is compact. The port is therefore ideal for knowledge-intensive use as a campus where living, working, learning and innovating come together.

Maritime knowledge cluster and policymakers within reach

The Port of Scheveningen benefits from the maritime knowledge cluster, the national administrative centre with policy makers as well as the international (legal and energy) community within reach.

Stad van vrede en recht

The Hague is the international city of peace and justice. To that, Campus@Sea adds the dialogue about sustainable multi use of the sea. Strengthening nature and biodiversity is the starting point for all the activities planned at Campus@Sea.

Home base maritime top sport

With its top sailing centre, Scheveningen is the home base for maritime transport. This means that the Port of Scheveningen can be used as a stage for maritime events and conferences. For example, during the upcoming Sailing World Championships or the Stopover of the Ocean Race.

Team Campus@Sea

Jan-Hendrik Schretlen

Chairman and co-founder Coöperatie Campus@Sea U.A

  • 06-51429168
Annemarie Smabers

Co-founder Coöperatie Campus@Sea U.A

  • 06-81468658